Poppy cufflinks with real flowers - Poppy Collection


Poppy cufflinks. Silver oval cufflinks with real flowers. Funky mens gift. Mens fashion, groom. The perfect gift for a military veteran.

Top band is sterling silver, Cufflink back is silver plated.
Size (aprox.) 17mm x 14mm

Includes stylish gift box. 

The flowers are expertly grown by master gardeners.
Each flower is carefully picked at just the right moment & left to dry.
When it is ready it is artistically placed into the resin by hand one at a time creating our designs.

  • Sterling silver .925 (Nickel-free)
  • Handmade with real flowers
  • Beautifully presented in a gift box
  • Perfect gift

The flowers set in the resin are then given a hand polished sterling silver band around the edge.
These pieces are then used to create our beautiful jewellery designs.
Each piece is unique and handmade with real flowers.