Highland Cow Copper Water Bottle


Highland Cow Design Copper Water Bottle
Size: 23.5 x D 7 cm - holds 750ml and comes in a gift/presentation box

Why choose a Re-usable Copper Water Bottle:

Help reduce Plastic Pollution - 10,000 Plastic Water Bottles are purchased every second that are not recycled. By using our Copper Water Bottles you will be “helping the environment one sip at a time” by reducing the use of single use plastic water bottles.

Ocean Friendly - The Copper Water Bottles are not only sustainably sourced, but are recyclable and plastic free, coming in a beautiful recycled paper gift box.

Hand Finished & Fair Trade - The re-usable Copper Water Bottles are hand finished by our Fair Trade Artisans in India in beautiful patterns that are designed in Great Britain.


To be used as a cold water bottle only.